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Whether you are sharing on facebook, pinning or pinterest or posting on youtube, you can easily tap into an extra cash flow by simply doing what you are already doing. Your friend network can easily become your pay network.  

How many times have you seen a post that interest you and before you know it, you are sharing it.  If you are already sharing, why not plug into a pay network and get paid for your social media activity. Paid Pin is an advertising and marketing company that produces print and video ads for our advertising clients and you fit into this by helping us share content that drives traffic to our site, their site and our Paid Pin content.  By posting, your activity is helping our clients and exposing you to potential income from traffic generated.  Being a premium member of Paid Pin is a great way to earn extra income by using social media.

Imagine that you share 10 popular post per week and it is shared, reposted or repinned more than 2,000 times.  That can lead to a large number of possible earnings for you as an affiliate.  If only 200 social medialites join our network as a result of using your affiliate link, that is $200 in earnings for you as our affiliate and great marketing for our advertisers.

Now lets expand that number a bit.  If you post something that goes viral, you will have an earning potential that is innumerable.

It’s that simple!

*Current pay per post is $1.00 (2015 rates)

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