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What is Paid Pin? Imagine being able to earn extra cash for sharing, posting and pinning on your favorite social media websites. Well, Paid Pin has a program designed specifically for those who love to do just that. Our program will allow you to earn a commission for simply sharing post that may be of interest to those who like to share. Whether it's ads, memes, videos or social funny pics that are placed or pinned to an electronic source such as a webpage, FaceBook post, Pinterest pin or even a YouTube video ads, you can get paid. 

The post can have whatever content you want, funny, political,relationship, news or anything of interest. As an affiliate we will use your affiliate I.D. as a tracking method that tells our system that a particular affiliate will be paid for memberships generated from their pin or post.  Any ad that is placed with this url has the potential of creating extra income for the owner of the url.

Each time someone registers after seeing something you've posted and uses your affiliate link, you will be paid for that user.  So imagine that you share a post and it's interesting enough to be shared thousands of times. What if your post goes viral. Each person that sees the post is a potential commission for you. 

How?  If they decide to register, they will use your link to register and you will get paid. It's that simple. Register now and enter your first 6 month earning cycle.  Your affiliate link will be valid as a payment tracking source in our system for 6 months. After this time you will have to renew your subscription in order for your payments to continue.You will have access to all of our post that can be shared on any social site that you are a member of.

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